Private Chartered Jets – Not the Waste of Money You Might Have Thought

By on November 29, 2017

regulations and distractions, it turned out that the private flier actually saved anywhere from $ 400-$ 1500 by electing to fly on a private chartered jet rather than taking a comparable first-class commercial flight.

The lesson here, if there is one, is that we should temper our irrational responses with a bit of research before we fly (private or commercial) off the handle. Even if we are ultimately right or our cause just, we still lose. Those executives didn’t learn anything except how to better pull the wool over our eyes in the future. Our political leaders didn’t learn anything either, other than to continue distracting us with their left hand while their right hand gave away our money. In the end, perhaps, a rational argument framed in facts rather than a volatile dive for the nearest convenient talking point on the Daily Show may have accomplished more than simply confirming what we already knew; it isn’t the private charter jet industry that’s killing this country.

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