Private Chartered Jets – Not the Waste of Money You Might Have Thought

By on November 29, 2017

were the executive we’re pretending you are, you would have had to give up either meetings in Washington in the morning or meetings in Miami in the afternoon due to flight schedules. Furthermore, you would have had to do the usual and arrive at the airport 2-3 hours in advance of your flight. You would have wasted most of that time waiting in line, then even more time waiting for your baggage at your destination. If you were lucky, you might have found time to get work done on the plane providing there weren’t crying babies, talkative neighbors or kids kicking the back of your seat. Finally, flying a larger commercial aircraft, your airport would have been limited to one able to accommodate large aircraft.

Switching over to a chartered private jet, you could comfortably have arrived within 15-20 minutes of your flight and not had to deal with lines. There would be no chance of lost luggage. You could land at virtually any airport and, without question, could have continued

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