Private Chartered Jets – Not the Waste of Money You Might Have Thought

By on November 29, 2017

In the fairly recent past, Americans were in an uproar. Some would argue we still are. As one fat-cat bailout after another rubs salt deeper into our already sensitive wounds, it doesn’t take too much to really bend us the wrong way these days. Particularly as we face foreclosures and the same credit squeeze our banks and automakers are whining about without anybody offering us the same help.

While record earnings and obscene bonuses paid to those who narrowly escaped failure thanks entirely to bailouts funded by us, the taxpayers, are frustrating enough, the real cake was taken when a gaggle of automaker-executives traveled to Washington, hands outstretched, in private chartered or corporate jets. Man, the outrage came hard, fast and ferocious. Our political leaders, their fingers ever on the pulse of public sentiment when their jobs are on the line, were quick to second our outrage only to subsequently give those automakers bailouts anyway.

Whatever your political

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