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By on November 7, 2015

this a good time to invest in Real Estate or am I taking advantage of the disadvantaged?

Look around you, every day people die, or get married, or have babies, or just need to generate an income from the thing they have that is worth the most – their house. As a real estate investor, you are in a position to help people who have properties that won’t sell and are costing them money every single month, which they just don’t have.

OK, if I’m helping people does that mean that I should pay the full asking price on a property?

Absolutely not! You’re an investor, not Robin Hood, that means you need to be able to see a return on your investment. In a market like this where there are just not that many buyers, you have the upper hand. Once you have done your due diligence and had the property appraised, if you can get a good return then offer a price that is 10% to 20% lower than the asking price.

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