Keeping it Legal – What You Must Know Before You Flip a House

By on November 18, 2015

You have probably heard about house flipping on TV – of how a number people buy houses, fix them up and then resell them to gain huge profits all in a few month’s time. Whether you are interested in the house flipping business as an investor or if you want to get some extra cash, there are many things you might want to know first before you go on and start flipping homes.

When you flip a house, you are basically buying a home at a discounted price then reselling them quickly at a higher price for profit. This kind of practice sounds like a completely legal way of earning money, but is it really legal to flip a house?

In the United States, there is what is known as the Anti-flipping Law which applies to homes owned or bought through the Federal Housing Authority. This set of regulations does not render house flipping as illegal, but sets forth regulations to ensure that real estate investors charge justifiable sales prices and do not resort to any loan

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