I Made My Second Million Dollars Online Flipping Websites!

By on November 6, 2015

>> Learn The Art Of Flipping Websites

You read that right! I hit the two million dollar mark online earnings, 12 months after i stumbled upon the art of website flipping. You start off small and work your way up to the top. Here is a brief explanation of what i did to succeed in this business and how you can do the same.

First off all, i grew up in a poor family, now i dont want your sympathy – thats not why im here, but you must understand that i have never been fed with the silver spoon, so to speak. Nobody gave me anything, i started with my own money that i saved up working 48 hour shifts.

Once i had a little bit of money to invest, i went to the bank and took out a loan to start developing offline property. Fortunately, this was at a time when the banks were not in trouble and i did not have any problem taking out a mortgage on a property that i wanted to do up.

Things were going quite well until my partner gave up here job

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