House Flipping Advice – Becoming Successful is Not Linear

By on November 29, 2015

Many of us are guilty of “linear thinking”, which originates from school and working in corporations. “If I finish 9th grade, I will then go to 10th grade”, or, “If I pay my dues, then I will be given a chance.”

Linear thinking is very limiting and does not reflect real life at all.

To put it another way: money loves speed.

If you study successful people, such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump, they don’t practice linear thinking. They set out on a major project (in many cases, multiple projects) and then reaped major rewards for their contributions. This is related to the previous point about focusing on income generating activities and forgetting the rest: your income will grow and in many cases, it will not grow linearly.

For example, Trump skirted bankruptcy and in less than 3 years, he bounced back and is now worth more than ever. In other words, what took him over 50 years the first time to acquire required less than 3 years during his

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